When you buy a Desktop license for a font, you are allowed to use the font to create all manner of physical and digital things–signs for a business, social media posts, website graphics, flyers, etc. You can give these things away, you can sell them, you can post them online or print them on billboards or the sides of buses.

BUT, there’s an instance limit. For fonts that use the YouWorkForThem Desktop license, that instance limit is 250,000. As soon as you print your 250,001st business card, or you send out a Facebook post to your 250,001st follower, or you print your 250,001st PDF to hand out to your employees, etc. you’ll need to extend the Desktop license to cover that use, which we call Large Volume Commercial use.

To be clear, that’s ANY COMBINATION of uses that adds up to more than 250,000 static instances, whether print or digital. That means, if you’re a designer working for a large corporation or an agency or freelancer with a corporate client, chances are your use will need to be extended, since most corporations will need to use the font for more than 250,000 instances.

For instance, if you use the font to create a marketing image and the corporation sends it to their 200,000 Facebook followers and 50,000 Instagram followers, they’ve hit the limit immediately. Every use beyond that is unlicensed. We frequently encounter cases where a font designer sees their work being used for global, corporate advertising or marketing without any extension in place. This news can result in an unpleasant surprise for your client, when they are informed of unexpected license extension fees and even penalties depending on the use.

SO…how do you get the extension? Simple, just contact us and we’ll negotiate it for you. Large Volume Commercial extensions provide coverage for instances of use above 250,000 (both print and digital). Typically quotes are based on the duration (e.g. 1 year, 5 years, perpetual) and territory (e.g. US only, Europe only, worldwide). We’ll okay the quote with the font designer and provide it to you via email, typically within a one or two business days.

We usually can work within your budget, and if you’re buying multiple extensions (say a Show Titles extension for streaming & broadcast use), we can sometimes chop a percentage off the total. We structure the fees as a one-time payment. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, and we’ll also accept a PO, depending on your circumstance.

So get out there and cover the world in YouWorkForThem fonts! Whatever you want to do, whatever your budget, we can almost always work something out. Contact us anytime to discuss how we can extend the license for your needs.